Update on Product Availability

Update on Product Availability

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Dear Valued 恒香 Customers,

Thank you so much for your support. We are very grateful.

We would like to share some updates on the availability of our products:

1) Retail-packed products

Our new shipments from HK will be arriving mid next week and therefore, currently sold out Retail-Packed products (except mooncakes) will be replenished (both online and shops) from 11th Sept 2020 (next Friday, subject to changes).

2) Daily-baked pastries

Our signature Wife cake will be available daily.

However, due to a temporary shortage of HK ingredients, there will be some changes to the availability of the following 4 pastries:

i) Mini Pineapple wife cake (very limited daily)
ii) Mini Egg Yolk cake (very limited daily)
iii) Mung Bean paste cake (Sold out. Available from 11th Sept)
iv) Red Bean paste cake (Sold out. Available from 11th Sept)

The above 4 pastries will be made in slightly more quantities daily from 11th Sept 2020.

Sneak Preview Info! Mini Century Egg Cake (New & Coming Soon! Very limited daily from 11th Sept)

3) Mooncakes

Unfortunately, all mooncakes that are sold out would not be replenished. Please do consider other Hang Heung signature mooncakes that are currently available