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• since 1920•

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For a century,
Hang Heung, founded in Yuen Long (Hong Kong) in 1920, has been delighting Hong Kongers and tourists alike with its traditional and authentic Chinese pastries.

Celebrated as one of the premier confectioners, Hang Heung achieved the Hong Kong Top Brand Ten Year Achievement Award in 2019 for its dedication to quality & innovative recipes.

Century-old Craftsmanship


Handmade Pastries

Best-selling Wife Cakes (Sweetheart Cakes, 老婆饼). Original recipe since 1940.

Hang Heung Egg Rolls

Our Signature & Award-winning egg rolls. The perfect combination of premium flour & eggs.

Cookies & Traditional Snacks

Our Classic products include Butter Cookies, Palmiers and Mini Walnut Shortbread. Almond Crisps is a must-try.

Mid-Autumn Festival 2022

100% Made in Hong Kong

Hong Kong Mooncakes

Hang Heung is well-known for its Signature Double Yolk White Lotus Seed Mooncake. Using specially selected premium lotus seeds from Hunan, Xianglian, the process of making the lotus seed paste is laborious as each step is crucial to the end taste and texture.

In order to produce a smooth and silky paste, and maintain the fragrance and natural sweetness of the lotus seed, the temperature and time taken to mix the mashed paste, coupled with the perfect ratio of sugar and water, is the key.

With the silky paste, grainy rich salted egg yolks and baked skin, Hang Heung’s Double Yolk White Lotus Seed Mooncake is one signature mooncake that you should not miss.